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Eetylulu is a cartoon educational platform for children. Preschoolers and children can learn their 123s and ABCs by watching fun and interactive cartoons on YouTube for free. Eetylulu will also have videos for children to learn different languages around the world. They also plan to launch an app to learn on the go by incorporating fun educational games and videos. They are also looking for angel investors since they are still an early start up company. This is a great opportunity for any investor.

StartVesti is a business development company that specializes in promoting, marketing and branding for companies worldwide. We have a directory for start up and growing companies so they can receive more exposure, raise money and find more clients. StartVesti also makes high quality websites for companies to stay on profitable.


AbuVila Games is a game development company that creates games utilizing blockchain applications to provide gamers payment for playing their games. Users get paid in game tokens that can be converted to real life crypto currency. AbuVila is currently creating its first game and users are already signing up to be a part of an endless universe and star shooter game. The user can discover planets and mine ore which can be converted to crypto currency. They will be able to create teams and declare war on other factions in a virtual reality experience. If you would like to reserve your copy of the game sign up for free here.



Ajina.TV is a blogging platform that offers users real and unbiased reviews for the film industry. Ajina.TV will also be releasing a free alternative to watching good tv. From educational programming to sports will provide a wide range of categories to watch for free. Ajina.Tv will also connect  screenwriting and script doctoring services to directors, writers and actors.

Keeno is an online e-commerce retail store that offers high quality products delivered straight to your door. Keeno offers top quality products to ensure customer satisfaction and they test the products they sell to give it a top quality Keeno stamp. You can buy a wide range of products from electronics to kitchen ware and even some futuristic gadgets.

RealKiks is a sneaker community platform where users can upload, share, buy and sell sneakers. Every user will earn a rating for interacting with the community so that everyone is verified and all sneakers are authentic. RealKiks is a brand new start up and is in its very early stages. Sign up to beta test their website.

RealKiKs Beta site

Onemic Music is a music marketing and consultant firm that connects the musicians to their fans. Onemic Music offers many different opportunities for musicians to further their career like finding shows to perform in and even a studio to record in. When you visit their site they made it very easy for musicians to showcase their music. Onemic Music has an extremely large reach and their clients love their work.

Decentral Genius is a educational platform designed to allow its users to create educational courses related to blockchain technology and crypto currency. Students can buy courses and earn certificates from Decentral Genius.

Haq Fitness is a brand new experience that connects people with certified personal trainers in their area. Work out, stay fit and stay healthy.

GrWhoa is a greenhouse supplier that is located in Denver, Colorado. They sell commercial and residential green houses. Their CEO Ryan Chavez and Jay Davila have started the company to provide excellent and amazing service to their clients. They also plan to release their podcast and tv show in 2020.