Blockchain start up companies are on the rise

The best start up companies under one roof.

Blockchain start up companies are on the rise

DecentralGenuis is a company to really look out for. They offer blockchain education directly to the community that needs it most. Crypto currency is such a new and exciting industry and its growing stronger every year. Blockchain technology isn’t as difficult as it sounds in theory and in actual use case the block chain is a peer to peer transaction system using crypto currency. It also provides security and and allows multiple transactions to process at once to create a what is known as a block. This block can usually handle up to 30,000 transactions for a very cheap rate. The rate is paid to the users who use computing power to mine or even use their own coins as collateral to process more transactions which is known as noding. Basically crypto currency and it’s fundamentals may be a bit difficult to really understand but once you do its then will you understand how groundfloor this opportunity is right now. will provide education to those who want to develop and create applications using the blockchain technology so go join their site and you can earn money for teaching students on their platform.

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